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DIY Apartment/Home Security Package – Special Discounted Bundle

$149.95 $99.95

The perfect DIY home security package for an apartment owner or a small home owner. This affordable package will take care of all your needs and make you feel secure in your small space. The system is easy to set up yourself. It’s the perfect DIY solution and you can get everything you need to secure your small space.

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 This system contains one security alarm base station, one door trigger, one window trigger, one smart plug and one key fob. You may shop our site to add additional accessories to this package if needed.

For basic protection and convenience the package contains one smart plug so you can turn a light on remotely using the FREE app that’s included with the plug. This will make intruders believe that someone is at home. You can also connect the plug to Alexa or Google home for general convenience. All you have to do is speak to Alexa and ask her to turn on your light when you enter or leave your home.

This security system also consists of the system base station that acts as the siren and central “hub” that will connect your window and motion detection trigger together in your home. If an intruder breaks into your home, the siren and lights will sound to startle them and to alert you and your neighbors that your home has been breached. Many times the intruder will flee from the scene because of the noise and bright lights. But if they don’t, you’ll be alerted to call 911 and summon the police.

This system includes one key fob so you can conveniently arm and disarm your security system as you arrive and leave your home.

As an added bonus, the key fob includes an SOS function that can trigger the alarm if you need to alert someone in the house or your neighbors manually. It’s an extra level of security that standard home security systems don’t offer and one that should provide an extra level of peace of mind when the security system is unarmed.
Amazon Alexa and remote control via FREE app
Scheduling and alarm function
Anti-false alarm function. It will chime with LED indicator when visitor enter into the detecting area .
Welcome doorbell mode and Anti-theft mode
Motion detection Range of the infrared sensor 16-26ft, loud ring volume 120dB
You can choose different modes from day and night
Battery or cord power (powered by 3 AAA batteries)
Simple double-sided tape or countertop or screw installation
Motion, door, window, gas (optional) and smoke detection (optional)

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